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Briefly about us

A reliable B2B supplier of grain instant flakes and fast-cooking porridges as in bulk and as a private label manufacturer in full accordance with customer requirements. The company started buckwheat processing in 2000, and in 2005 it began producing instant flakes: cereals and porridges. From the first day of our operating we were focused on quality and food safety, and more than that all our products are 100% natural. The customer list is our real pride. All the industry leaders are in it. With some clients we have been successfully working for more than 10 years.

Our advantages
Our company
Our company
  • 500 km from Moscow, in the Kursk region. In a stable agricultural area.
  • Own silo granary and a grain dryer.
  • Full-path buckwheat production plant.
  • Cereals and instant flakes production.
  • Packing lines: in cartons or flow pack.
  • Own certified production laboratory.
  • A great team open to innovation and continuous improvement.
Our products
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  • Private label production
  • Packaging design development
  • Purchase of raw materials according to the requirements of your specification
  • Delivery anywhere in Russia and abroad
  • Customs clearance
Selling proposal

There are two options:

1.   ready-to-sell goods (B2C, packed in cartons or flow pack);

2.   bulk goods (B2B, in 1000 big bags, or in bags 25-50 kg).

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